Income Report: February 2015

Happy Lunar Year! I hope the month has been as good for you as it was for me. Thanks to my awesome clients Apart from the regular income from my day job, I have received $634.79 from active, passive and investment incomes this month.

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Active Income: $450

Shopify Project ($250)

A friend-turned-client of mine wanted to set up an online business with a few friends of hers to sell fashion clothing. As she knew the digital marketing work that I’ve been doing, she came to me for advice on how to get everything started. I recommended her to use Shopify to start her online store. I helped her with the set up and provided training for her partners and her on how to manage the online store. For my efforts, she paid me $250 for the services rendered.

Webhosting Renewal ($200)

A client of mine renewed her webhosting plan with me and I received a payment of $200. She has been supporting me for a few years now and I’m grateful that she also referred her friends to me as well.

Passive Income: $60

Affiliate Marketing ($60)

My affiliate marketing programs contributed $60 with my client’s registration of his Shopify account and a recurring webhosting renewal.

Investment Income: $124.79

Dividend gains ($124.79)

I forgot to post this last month but my investment in Nikko AM STI ETF paid a dividend of $124.79 in January. It’s not a lot of money as more than half of the shares were bought with my SRS account so less than half of the dividends were received in cash.

Income Summary 2015

Active Income


Passive Income


Investment Income




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