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My Financial Planning Philosophy

Easy and Simple

Simplify the complexities of financial planning by breaking them into manageable chunks and focus on the gaps. I choose to separate insurance from investment so that I can optimise my insurance expenses for protection based on my needs while maximising my investment budget for a diversified investment portfolio.

Comprehensive and Robust

My financial plan is created with the possibility of living to the age of 100 in mind with milestones that I want to achieve along the way. A review on my financial plan at the end of each year to assess my performances. I keep my financial plan robust and fluid to pivot with my circumstances, government policy changes, and investment opportunities

Disciplined and Automated

Staying consistent on a planned ‘Buy Term and Invest the Rest’ financial journey over many years is very difficult with the challenges that life throws at us. That’s why I created a systematic process that automates most of my saving and investment processes. That takes most of the manual tasks out of my hands so that I can focus on enjoying the present, with my future all taken care of.

What Others Are Saying:

It is interesting to follow Mickey’s wealth building journey because you can connect with his experiences through his detailed yet simple articles.
Kyith Ng
Investment Moats is a finance blog that features a normal white collar worker who focuses on all-round personal finance attributes and the importance of all-round asset allocation with global exposure in Equities, Bonds, CPF, SRS and Property. It’s a great blog for any readers who are looking for a start to invest and expand his or her portfolio in Singapore and beyond.
Brian Halim
A Path to Forever Financial Freedom (3Fs)

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