Expense Report: February 2015

February has been a good month for me as , tracking my expenses and I’m determined to get this post done on time.

Last month’s challenge was a bust as I overspent on food expenses during the Lunar New Year festivities. Luckily I didn’t go overboard with the spendings. I did manage to reduce my shopping expenses and that helped to reduce my total expenses this month.

Transportation: $70.41

Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) doubled in February as I spent $41.20 on taxi rides. Without the taxi rides, I would have made a new record low of $29.21 on public transportation expenses (thanks to my regular bicycle commute to work).

Food: $550.10

I didn’t meet the challenge target for my food expenses but they remain lower than the monthly average. Quite a bit was spent during the Lunar New Year celebrations with friends and family.

Groceries: $41.35

Grocery costs remain flat this month as I made use of whatever we have in the fridge to cook my meals instead. I’m glad I did that because it helped to clear up some space in the fridge.

Shopping: $367.72

I did not do much shopping this month except for a few sports apparels that were on sale. Due to the increase in frequency of my bicycle commute to work, I needed a few more quick-drying t-shirts and shorts. I also backed a Kickstarter project called “Exploding Kittens” which is a fun card game that would be fun to play with friends.

Entertainment: $307.29

More than half of my entertainment expenses were used on drinks this month and the rest was spent on weekday movie nights. I spent a bit more on drinks this month and I plan to cut down on that next month.

Miscellaneous: $1072.88

The miscellaneous expenses this month included a weekend getaway to Hong Kong with travel souvenirs for my friends ($548.88), a customary red packet for my mother ($500) and some alterations to my online purchases that arrived late last month.

Total expenses for February: $3298.58 (including fixed expenses of $888.83)


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