​​​​My Investment Portfolio

Over the years, I chose to minimize the efforts I need to manage my investment portfolio. In 2017, I decided to automate my investments with AutoWealth, a robo advisor in Singapore. In 2020, I signed up with Endowus to automate investments made with my Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) account. That makes things a lot simpler since I only have to decide on my asset allocation and let the robo advisors handle everything else.

My AutoWealth Portfolio

Here's how my AutoWealth portfolio looks like. I've chosen to go more aggressive with a 80/20 allocation between equities and bonds.

These are the index ETFs that my portfolio is invested in:

  • US Equities - VTI
  • Europe Equities -VGK
  • Asia Equities - VPL
  • Emerging Market Equities - VWO
  • US Govt Bonds - IEF
  • International Govt Bonds - IGOV

I'm investing most of the savings from my monthly salary through AutoWealth.

My Endowus Portfolio

As I am using my SRS money to invest with Endowus, I know that I'm investing with the knowledge that I have close to 30 years of time horizon of holding power to invest. I chose to go with a risky 100% allocation to stocks, specifically Dimensional World Equity Fund. This fund is diversified across more than 10000 stocks across the globe, half of which is in US stocks.

I have automated my investment process with a monthly dollar cost averaging investment into my Endowus on the 1st of every month.

Remaining stock in my Supplementary Retirement Scheme Investment Portfolio

I had this portfolio since 2015 and I have not made any additional investment since I've started my Endowus investment portfolio.

  • Nikko AM STI ETF

My Stock Investment Portfolio using cash

I had this portfolio since 2015 and these ETFs are mostly relics of the past when I was managing my portfolio on my own. I have not made any additional investment since I've started my AutoWealth investment portfolio.

  • Nikko AM STI ETF
  • Vanguard FTSE All-World UCITS

My Real Estate Portfolio

I've bought a small SOHO unit in Cambodia as a real estate investment, hoping to gain first mover advantage in an emerging market and reap rewards for my risky venture. The apartment has since been fully paid and I've signed a leasing agreement to allow the property developer to rent the apartment out on my behalf for the next 3 years.

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