Income Report: August 2015

I’ve been really slack with my Income Report posts as I haven’t been that hungry for side hustles. That’s on top of the fact that I’m quite satisfied with my day job at the moment. Besides, what’s not to like when you are doing the job you like, have a boss who appreciates you, and work with a team that values your opinion.

That aside, I have earned $573.50 in August, on top of my regular income.

Active Income: $500

Webhosting Renewal ($500)

I’ve just received a few payments for webhosting renewals from my existing clients.

Investment Income $73.50

Dividends ($73.50)

The SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF (STI ETF) in my stock portfolio paid out its dividend in August and I received $73.50.

Because I have no urgent need for these excess income, it is needless to say that my investment income has been allocated to my investment war chest for reinvestment into my portfolio and all other incomes are allocated to my Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS) contribution f0r 2015.

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Income Summary 2015

Active Income


Passive Income


Investment Income




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