Expense Report: August 2015

August was an amazing month as I’m done with all the travelling and am back in Singapore. Net Savings rate for the month is at an all-time high of 82.88% as I earned some additional income through my side hustles and most of them are contributed to my SRS account.

Transportation: $39.07 down-arrow

Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) is slightly lower than average as I’m back to cycling to work which reduced the need to take public transport on weekdays.

Food: $221.22 down-arrow

I realised that when I come back from my travels, I tend to miss local food a lot! So much so that I kind of lose control of my spendings. Food expenses nearly doubled, compared to last month and close to 20% more than the month before. I’ll try to cook a lot more in September.

Groceries: $84.37 up-arrow

Grocery expenses this month went up a lot and I couldn’t really understand why. The purchases are all in small amounts and maybe I just bought a lot of unnecessary foodstuff. I’ll have to try to rein in my spendings here in September.

Shopping: $16.80 down-arrow

I’ve been rather thrifty when it comes to shopping this month. I participated in 2 freecycle blessings and was blessed with a new money clip to replace the one I’m using right now and a card-size tool. $4 was spent for postage. I also bought a new glass lunch container as I lost my old Lock & Lock tupperware.

Entertainment: $171.15 down-arrow

Entertainment spendings went a little over the edge this month as I gave my colleagues a lunch treat. Other than that, it’s business as usual with a drink or two occasionally.

Miscellaneous: $1294.18 up-arrow

It looks like I spent a lot on miscellaneous expenses this month but most of it ($1148) was contributed to private integrated shield policy premiums for both my mother and myself. I’m glad that ever since I’ve started this blog, I have been putting money in different saving buckets. One of my saving buckets is for family emergency fund and the premiums for the private integrated shield policies were paid from my family emergency fund and had no impact on my cashflow.

Total expenses for August: $2718.07 (including fixed expenses of $891.28down-arrow

The 6-month MMAE Index continues to inch downwards to 1863.30.

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