Expense Report: October 2015

October is a face-punch month for me with lots of additional expenses compared to previous months. The haze issue that’s plaguing Singapore resulted in a huge reduction in bike commutes to work and I also spent more money dining in restaurants. Fortunately, I didn’t go too overboard with the spendings and Net Savings rate stayed at 80% this month.

Transportation: $66.20 up-arrow

Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) remained high, similar to September as I haven’t cycled much this month because to the haze. Fortunately, I didn’t take any taxi rides this month.

Food: $307.31 up-arrow

Food expenses remain high this month as there was an increase in the number of times I dined in restaurants. I need to cut that down next month.

Groceries: $11.90 up-arrow

Grocery expenses was very low as I tried to clear out my fridge (especially the freezer). I used lots of the meats that I bought in previous months on discounts so there wasn’t a lot to buy from the grocer this month.

Shopping: $322.80 up-arrow

Time for that face punch because I bought lots of stuff this month! There’s 2 pair of shoes that I bought from 5cm at 70% discount when they were doing a clearance sale, a steel ring (that actually fits!) from a friend’s store, a Respro face mask to wear in future months when I have to cycle in the haze, 2 Moov fitness trackers that I bought off a friend who bought spares for his family (which works out to be a lot cheaper per unit since he bought the family package). That’s a lot of discretionary spending if you ask me. The good thing was that I made the decision to buy most of these stuff after winning some money off the mahjong table. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have bought the fitness trackers and face mask.

Entertainment: $97.55 down-arrow

Entertainment spendings is still on a high side with a couple of wine session in the office pantry (I contributed a few bottles of wine from Cold Storage) and a little TGIF indulgence at a watering hole opposite the office.

Personal Care: 226.90 up-arrow

I went for a few spa massages this month to pamper myself. They were quite good and I enjoyed myself. Naturally, it’s something I would do once in a while.

Miscellaneous: $229.22 up-arrow

I travelled to Melaka this month with my friends and also purchased a return ticket to Hong Kong for a short holiday in March.

Total expenses for October: $1961.38 (including fixed expenses of $891.28down-arrow

Unfortunately, the higher spendings this month caused the 6-month MMAE Index to inch upwards to 1836. Let’s try to bring that down next month.

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