Expense Report: November 2015

November is one of those months when I decided to reward myself with a couple of cool toys for working hard in 2015. A delayed gratification for not splurging for the past 10 months. Net Savings rate fell to 21.5% this month.

Transportation: $72.94 up-arrow

Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) remained high as we enter the wetter part of the year where it rains almost every day.

Food: $355.66 up-arrow

Food expenses stayed high this month as I wasn’t cooking as much as I used to. I also ate out more frequently during work lunches.

Groceries: $28.02 up-arrow

Grocery expenses was still reasonably low as I continued to try and clear out my fridge.

Shopping: $3579.19 up-arrow

Here’s the important part of this post. Remember how I wrote about delayed gratification earlier? I splurged on a new Apple iPhone 6s and a new Giant road bike this month. To be fair, both items came with 20% discount thanks to my friends. I know it’s going to reduce my savings rate and increase my MMAE index but I didn’t want to be a scrooge. It was high time I upgraded my mobile phone and up my exercise routine with a road bike.

Entertainment: $117.12 up-arrow

Entertainment spendings is still on a high side with a few drinking sessions at a watering hole near the office.

Personal Care: $390 up-arrow

I went for a few spa massages this month to pamper myself. Unfortunately they were expensive and not a good.

Miscellaneous: $0 

No miscellaneous expense were recorded this month.

Total expenses for October: $5434.21 (including fixed expenses of $891.28down-arrow

The high spending this month caused the 6-month MMAE Index to jump to 2499. Not a great way towards the end of the year, but I want to remain truthful on this blog. No point manipulating the figures and lie to myself.

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