1 out of 3 Singaporeans refuse to eat leftovers – Crazy!

As part of a six-week community initiative inspired to raise awareness of food waste in Singapore, Electrolux conducted a food waste at home survey with 1,000 respondents of ages between 18-65 from Singapore and the results are astounding (at least to me)!

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Almost 1 out of 3 respondents refuse to eat leftovers!

What’s wrong with these people? Unless you cook in perfect portions that are just right for the number of people at the table, it’s impossible not to have leftovers. The fact that a third of the respondents can choose not to eat leftovers clearly shows that Singapore has a food wastage problem on our hands.

65% of the respondents don’t reuse leftovers as tomorrow’s ingredients

I was kind of surprised at this because using leftovers for the next day’s work lunch was the biggest money-saving contributor to my monthly food budget. The Curry Chicken with Rice dinner that my mum cooked last night becomes a delicious bowl of Curry Chicken Noodles for tomorrow’s work lunch at almost zero costs!

39% don’t exercise portion control when cooking

It’s strange how 39% of the respondents do not exercise portion control when cooking. Without portion control, how do you know how much would you need to cook? I always make effort to properly gauge how much ingredients I need so that I don’t cook just enough for my family and maybe a little more for tomorrow’s lunch. Otherwise, the fridge would be full of leftover food that would eventually go to waste, if not consumed.

Join the movement to reduce food waste

Between now and 22nd November 2015, simply share photos of your empty plates at meal time at happyplate.sg or via Instagram using the hashtag #happyplatesg. By doing so, you can help raise food waste awareness and help feed up to 1,000 families in need through The Food Bank Singapore.

For every three #happyplatesg uploads, Electrolux will donate a Happy Food Bundle to The Food Bank Singapore. What are you waiting for? Start sharing now!

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