Where do you see yourself at the age of 50?

Will you be a successful C-level Executive leading the pack in a major corporation? A contented family person who’s watching his or her grandchildren grow up? Or a wanderer travelling the world, leaving nothing but footprints?

In my world, I see myself as a person who has the option of remaining employed if I want to, or travel the world with nothing but a backpack. Marriage as of now is not of major importance to me. I’m happy to do things by myself and spend more time with friends and family.

My investment portfolio would have grown substantially since I have been diligently investing at the age of 30 and generating a comfortable passive income through annual dividends and capital gains.

Self-sufficiency will play major role when I’m 50 as I strive to maintain a low monthly expense that will be paid with passive income. Perhaps having a garden of my own, growing crops that I can harvest for consumption.

Renting my home for a stable monthly income is also an option if I intend to travel the world, and I may need a property agent to manage the tenant while I’m away.

What will you be doing at the age of 50?


  1. Hi Mickey

    I will be by the beach or some naturist area where I enjoy the hot sun drinking beer with my grandkid in sight.

    Ahh the beauty of such. Hopefully my health is still good by then.

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