Income Report: November 2014

November has been a great month from me. While some believe in building a passive income to grow wealth, I prefer to tackle both active and passive income growth at the same time because realistically, it’s takes quite a lot of capital to grow passive income. Apart from the regular income from my day job, this month I have received $3637.74 from both active and passive incomes.

Active Income: $1282

Website Project ($1260)

A client of mine requested for a website revamp and we spent a few months to complete this project. It took longer than expected as the client was busy with their business but I didn’t really mind as I still had my day job to keep me busy. The client was very satisfied with the work and that’s the most important part because my clientele is built through referrals. They have already referred a client to me once and I made a profit migrating her website to my webhosting partner for affiliate income and conducted a half-day training session to train her staff to manage the website.I’m confident that I can expect more from them when the time is right.

Namecard Printing ($22)

On top of my digital marketing work, I also have a small printing business. I managed to sign up as a reseller of a printing company so that I could take up client requests for printing jobs at a small profit without investing in printing equipment (not that I know how to operate and maintain them anyway). While the money is insignificant, there’s very little work involved as well.

Passive Income $79.44

Affiliate Marketing ($79.44)

My affiliate marketing programs earned me a small profit of $79.44 through a client’s renewal of his Shopify account and a new client’s registration for webhosting services. As I didn’t have to do any work this month, I’m not disappointed that the profit is tiny. I plan to explore opportunities to grow this passive income.

Portfolio Income $2276.30

Capital gains ($2238.80)

My divestment of SingPost made a capital gain of 65% from my initial investment. I’m very happy with the profit I made given that I only held the stocks for around 2 years. The capital and gains will be remain in my investment war chest and reinvested when I find a suitable investment.

Dividend gains ($37.50)

Although I have sold my SingPost stocks, the transaction was only done after the Ex-dividend date so I qualify for my final dividend issue of $37.50 on top of my capital gains. That’s the icing on the cake for me!


  1. Hi Mickey,

    Even though your investment income is not particularly high at the moment, I think you more than make it up with your skills.

    I realise these are things which I lack terribly. Ooops!

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