Income Report: April 2015

This month was rather muted for me as there wasn’t any returns on my investment portfolio. But apart from the regular income from my day job, I have earned $624 from my side hustles this month.

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Active Income: $600

Webhosting Renewal ($300)

I received a quarterly payment for a webhosting and content management service from a client whom I’ve been supporting for many years.

Website Customisation ($300)

I received a new client request during my reservist period to do some customisation work for his WordPress website. It took longer than expected to close the project for the price that I quoted him but it was good fun to get my hands dirty on doing some simple coding work.

Passive Income: $24

Affiliate Marketing ($24)

My affiliate marketing programs contributed $24 with the addition of a new webhosting client.

Income Summary 2015

Active Income


Passive Income


Investment Income




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