Future-Proof Your Career: Using Jobs Transformation Maps to Identify Career Risks and Opportunities

During the keynote session at the recent Seedly Personal Finance Festival, Dr Tan See Leng, Minister of Manpower shone a spotlight on Jobs Transformation Maps (JTMs) that provide detailed insights on the impact of technology and automation on the industry and workforce. It ignited my curiosity and concern about the future of work. JTMs were developed in collaboration with industry leaders, academics, and government bodies to serve as a compass guiding us through the evolving job landscape. They attempt to predict the impact of technology and automation on various industries, identifying which jobs will thrive and which might decline.

This information is crucial for professionals and companies alike, offering a chance to pivot, upskill, or even enter burgeoning fields before it’s too late. For individuals, JTMs can be a wake-up call to assess their career paths and invest in skills that align with future demands to stay employable. For businesses, these maps help in strategising workforce development and staying competitive in a rapidly changing market.

Understanding JTMs is the first step towards proactive career planning. They’re not just about predicting the future; they’re about creating a roadmap for individuals and organisations to navigate the uncertainties of technological advancement and economic shifts. In this article, I dive deeper into the implications of JTMs from the perspective of an individual. I believe that they are an essential tool in preparing for a future where adaptability and lifelong learning are key to career longevity and success.

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How do Job Transformation Maps work?

Identifying jobs at risk through JTMs involves recognising positions vulnerable to automation and technological advances. This awareness prompts individuals in affected sectors to reassess their career paths, emphasizing the need for adaptability and continuous skill development. By highlighting at-risk jobs, JTMs serve as a crucial tool for professionals to preemptively upskill or pivot to more resilient roles.

The transition for workers in these identified at-risk sectors is not without support. JTMs often accompany suggestions for related growth areas or emerging industries, providing a bridge for individuals to realign their career trajectories. This aspect underscores the importance of lifelong learning and the willingness to embrace new opportunities, ensuring that workers can remain relevant and competitive in the workforce.

Moreover, JTMs offer insights into the shifting dynamics of the job market, encouraging a proactive approach to career planning. They not only highlight the risks but also open doors to potential pathways for professional development. For workers in these sectors, it becomes imperative to leverage JTMs for strategic career decisions, focusing on resilience and the acquisition of future-proof skills.

What Are the Jobs at Risk?

The identification of jobs at risk through JTMs offers a preemptive insight for workers in sectors susceptible to automation and technological advances. This awareness is vital for initiating career reassessment and embracing the necessity for adaptability and continuous learning. I know that some of my readers do not like to dig through many pages so I did the hard work of going through all the JTMs to summarise all the job titles that are impacted in each sector.

What happens If your job is one of the high impacted jobs risks?

You have a high risk of being displaced by automation and technology advancements in the next 2-5 years. You need to start planning immediately, how you can make use of your experience and expertise to pivot to a different job that is future-proof, and makes use of your experience and expertises so that you do not start from zero again.

What happens if your job is one of the moderate impacted jobs?

You need to decide if you still like what you are doing today. If the answer is yes, look through the JTM to understand the skills you need to learn and improve yourself to stay relevant in your current job. If the answer is no, then it’s worth spending time to reevaluate your career path and identify jobs that you want to pivot and shift yourself into. Make a list of all the skills you need to acquire to make the shift.

SectorJob Titles
Accounting PracticesHigh Impact
Audit Associate/Audit Assistant Associate
Tax Associate/Tax Executive
Accounts Executive/Accounts Assistant
Risk Advisory Associate/Risk Advisory Executive
Financial Forensics Associate/Financial Forensics Executive
Corporate Secretarial Associate
Senior Internal Auditor/Internal Auditor

Moderate Impact
Accountant/Senior Accounts Executive
Audit Manager
Audit Senior
Business Valuation Associate/Business Valuation Executive
Business Valuation Manager
Business Valuation Senior/Business Valuation Senior Executive
Corporate Secretarial Manager
Corporate Secretarial Senior/Corporate Secretarial Senior Executive
Financial Forensics Manager
Financial Forensics Senior/Financial Forensics Senior Executive
Internal Audit Assistant Manager
Internal Audit Senior Manager/Internal Audit Manager
Mergers & Acquisitions Associate/Mergers & Acquisitions Executive
Mergers & Acquisitions Manager
Mergers & Acquisitions Senior/Mergers & Acquisitions Senior Executive
Restructuring & Insolvency Associate/Restructuring & Insolvency Executive
Restructuring & Insolvency Manager
Restructuring & Insolvency Senior/Restructuring & Insolvency Senior Executive
Risk Advisory Manager
Risk Advisory Senior/Risk Advisory Senior Executive
Tax Senior/Tax Senior Executive
Built EnvironmentHigh Impact
Assistant Quantity Surveyor/Assistant Cost Manager

Moderate Impact
Architectural Assistant 
Architectural Associate
Architectural Executive 
Assistant Civil and Structural Engineer/Technical Executive (Civil and Structural Engineering)
Assistant Mechanical Engineer/Assistant Electrical Engineer/Technical Executive (Mechanical Engineering/Electrical Engineering)
Assistant Project Manager (Construction)/Construction Manager
Assistant Project Manager/Project Management Executive
Assistant Specialist (Digital Delivery)
Building Executive/Facilities Executive/Property Executive
Building Officer/Facilities Officer/Property Officer
Building Supervisor
Civil and Structural Engineer
Engineer/Assistant Engineer
Facilities Manager/Facilities Engineer
Facilities Technician
Mechanical Engineer/Electrical Engineer
Production Manager/Assistant Production Manager
Production Supervisor
Project Manager
Quality Assurance Manager/Quality Control Manager/Quality Assurance Engineer/Quality Control Engineer/Planner
Quality Assurance/Quality Control Supervisor
Quantity Surveyor/Contracts Manager/Cost Manager
Senior Architect
Senior Architectural Executive
Senior Facilities Manager
Senior Production Manager
Senior Project Manager
Senior Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manager/Senior Planner
Senior Quantity Surveyor/Senior Contracts Manager/Senior Cost Manager
Site Supervisor/Trade Supervisor/Project Coordinator
Specialist (Digital Delivery)
Technical Executive
Technical Officer
Environmental Services Industry – CleaningHigh Impact
General Cleaner
Environmental Services Industry – Waste ManagementModerate Impact
Waste Collection Crew
Waste Recycling Sorter
Finance and Accounting FunctionsHigh Impact
Tax Associate/Tax Executive
Senior Treasury Executive/Treasury Executive
Accountant/Senior Accounts Executive
Accounts Executive/Accounts Assistant
Management Accountant/Financial Planning and Analysis Analyst/Business Analyst
Accounting Executive

Moderate Impact
Financial Controller
Finance Manager
Business Controller/Finance Director
Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
Tax Senior/Tax Senior Executive
Treasury Manager
Internal Audit Assistant Manager
Senior Internal Auditor/Internal Auditor
Financial ServicesHigh Impact
AML/CFT Transaction Surveillance
Bancassurance Officer
Branch Operations
Branch Teller
Business Assurance
Claims Examiner (Retail)
Client Service Office
Compliance Monitoring and Testing
Contact Centre Representative
Credit and Loan Officer
Credit Operations
Customer Service/Call Centre Representative
Fund Accountant
Fund Administrator
Investment Performance Analyst
Mortgage Specialist
New Business Operations Officer
Policy Servicing Officer
Portfolio Assistant/Front Office Support
Post Trade Specialist
Product Controller
Product Manager 
Product Sales — SME
Relationship Manager — SME
Trade Support Specialist
Trade Surveillance
Trader (Buy-Side)
Trader (Liquid assets)
Transaction Banking Operations
Transaction Processing Officer
Transfer Agent/Registrar
Underwriter (Retail)

Moderate Impact
Agency Management Officer
Assistant Relationship Manager/ Credit Analyst
Business Manager
Claims Examiner (Non-Retail)
Client Implementation Officer
Client Service Officer
Compliance Regulatory Reporting Officer
Corporate Finance Banker
Credit Risk Officer 
Data Analyst
Credit Structuring Officer
Data Scientist
Debt Capital Markets (DCM) Banker
Equity Capital Markets (ECM) Banker
Finance Operations and Tax
Financial Consultant/Personal Banker
Financial Crime Compliance Investigation and Intelligence
Financial Crime Data Analytics
Financial Planner/Insurance Agent
Human Resource Operations
Internal Audit
Investment Management Officer
IT Applications and Software
IT Operations Management
IT Project Delivery
IT Security
IT Service Support
IT Strategy and Architecture
IT Testing/Audit and Quality Assurance
Loss Prevention
Marketing and Communications Officer
Operational Excellence Officer
Portfolio Manager/Portfolio Advisor
Pricing Actuary
Product Analyst
Product Developer
Product Development
Product Management
Product Sales — Commercial/ Corporate
Quantitative Analyst
Regulatory Change Management Officer
Reinsurance Management Officer
Relationship Manager — Commercial/Corporate
Research Analyst 
Trader (ILL Liquid Assets)
Treasury Operations Officer
Valuation Actuary
Wealth Planner/Advisor
Food ManufacturingModerate Impact
Supervisor / Production Planner
Process Technician / Maintenance Technician
Section Head / Team Leader / Line Operator
Production Operator
QC Technician / QC Assistant / Laboratory Technician
Hotel IndustryHigh Impact
Front Office Officer / Guest Services Officer / Guest Relations Officer / Front Office Agent / Guest Services Agent / Guest Relations Agent
Housekeeping Coordinator
Marketing Communications Executive / Public Relations Executive
Marketing Communications Officer / Sales and Marketing Officer
Reservations Officer/ Reservations Agent
Revenue Specialist/Revenue Analyst
Sales Coordinator/ Catering Sales Coordinator

Moderate Impact
Assistant Concierge
Assistant Engineer/ Senior Technician
Assistant Event Services Executive
Assistant Front Office Manager / Assistant Operations Manager / Duty Manager / Guest Services Manager / Guest Relations Manager
Assistant Housekeeper / Housekeeping Manager / Housekeeping Supervisor
Assistant Venue Operations Executive
Barista Supervisor
Business Development Manager
Butler Supervisor / Club Floor Executive / Club Floor Supervisor
Cleaning Operations Executive
Cleaning Supervisor
Director of Sales and Marketing
Engineer/ Supervisor
Event Services Manager/ Event Services Executive
Executive / Service Supervisor
Executive / Service Supervisor
Front Office Executive / Guest Services Executive / Guest Relations Executive / Front Office Supervisor / Guest Services Supervisor / Guest Relations Supervisor
Housekeeping Attendant / Assistant Executive Housekeeper Room Attendant / Public Area Attendant
Linen Room Attendant / Laundry Valet Attendant
Linen Room Supervisor
Marketing Communications Manager / Public Relations Manager / Assistant Marketing Communications Manager / Assistant Public Relations Manager
Multi-skilled Cleaner/ Team Leader
Reservations Executive / Reservations Supervisor
Sales Executive / Catering Sales Executive
Sales Manager / Catering Sales Manager / Assistant Sales Manager / Assistant Catering Sales Manager
Security Officer
Security Supervisor
Senior Engineer/ Assistant Manager
Senior Security Officer
Technician/ Coordinator
Human ResourcesHigh Impact
Associate, Employee Experience and Relations
Associate, Learning and Organisation Development
Associate, Performance and Rewards
Associate, Talent Attraction
Associate, Talent Management
Executive / Associate, Operations and Technology
Executive, Employee Experience and Relations
Executive, Performance and Rewards

Moderate Impact
Chief Human Resources Officer
Executive, Learning and Organisation Development
Executive, Talent Attraction
Executive, Talent Management
Head, Employee Experience and Relations
Head, Learning and Organisation Development
Head, Operations and Technology
Head, Performance and Rewards
Head, Talent Attraction
Manager, Employee Experience and Relations
Manager, HR Business Partner 
Manager, Learning
Manager, Operations and Technology
Manager, Performance and Rewards
Manager, Talent Attraction
Manager, Talent Management
Information and CommunicationsHigh Impact
Applications Support Engineer
Associate Applications Support Engineer
Associate Infrastructure Engineer
Associate Infrastructure Support Engineer
Associate Network Engineer
Associate Operations Centre Support Engineer
Associate Security Analyst
Associate Systems Support Engineer
Head of Quality
Infrastructure Engineer 
Infrastructure Support Engineer
Network Engineer 
Operations Centre Support Engineer
Quality Assurance Engineer
Quality Assurance Manager
Quality Engineer
Quality Manager
Security Operations Analyst
Systems Support Engineer
Digital Asset Librarian
Games QA Tester
Linear Media Operator/Manager
Programme Planning & Scheduling Executive/Manager
Vision Mixer/Switcher

Moderate Impact
AI Applied Researcher
AL/ML Engineer
Associate Data Centre Operations Engineer
Associate Database Support Engineer
Associate Embedded Systems Engineer
Associate Radio Frequency Manager
Associate Software Engineer
Associate UI Designer
Associate UX Designer
Business Intelligence Director
Business Intelligence Manager
Cyber Risk Analyst
Cyber Risk Manager
Data Analyst/Associate Data Engineer
Data Architect
Data Centre Operations Engineer
Data Engineer
Data Scientist/AI Scientist
Database Support Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Embedded Systems Engineer
Embedded Systems Engineering Manager
Head of Data Science and AI
Infrastructure Architect
Lead UI Designer
Lead UX Designer
Programme Director
Programme Manager
Project Manager/Scrum Master
Radio Frequency Engineer
Security Operations Manager
Senior AI/ML Engineer
Senior Data Engineer
Software Architect
Software Engineer
Software Engineering Manager
UI Designer
Analytics and Customer Insights
Anchor/News Reporter
Assistant Producer/Producer – Games
Camera Operator
Focus Puller
Game Designer/Game Director
Linear Media Infrastructure (Technician, Engineer, Manager)
News Producer/Current Affairs Producer
On-demand Media Technology & Operations
Post-production Assistant
Post-Production Supervisor
Product Manager
Sound Editor
Sound Engineer
Standards & Practices
Video Editor
Land TransportHigh Impact
Communication Controller
Customer Service Officer/Rover
Train Captain/Senior Train Captain
Crew Manager
Bus Captain/Senior Bus Captain/Chief Bus Captain/Master Bus Captain
Taxi Driver/PHC Driver

Moderate Impact
Technician/ Senior Technician (Rolling Stock/ Engineering Train)
Technician/ Senior Technician (Permanent Way and Civil Structure)
Technician/ Senior Technician (Power)
Technician/ Senior Technician (Mechanical and Electrical)
Technician/ Senior Technician (Signal and Communications)
Technician/ Senior Technician (Automatic Fare Collection)
Engineer/ Engineering Manager
Technician/ Senior Technician/ Section Supervisor/ Foreman/ Workshop Supervisor/ Senior Foreman/ Technical Specialist/ Senior Technical Specialist/ Master Technical Specialist/ Deputy Workshop Manager/ Workshop Manager
[Motor Workshop] Technician/ Senior Technician/ Section Supervisor/ Foreman/ Workshop Supervisor/ Senior Foreman/ Technical Specialist/ Senior Technical Specialist/ Master Technical Specialist/ Deputy Workshop Manager/ Workshop Manager/ Head of Workshop
Train Service Controller/ Depot Traffic Controller/ Depot Train Controller/ Chief Controller/ Controller/ Operations Control Centre Manager/ Head, Operations Control Centre
Senior Assistant Station Manager/ Assistant Station Manager/ Senior Station Manager/ Station Manager/ Deputy Station Manager/ Rail Service Manager/ Service Operations Manager/ Duty Operations Manager/ Station Operations Manager/ Train Operations Manager/ Head, Train Operations/ Head, Station Operation/ Head, Passenger Services
Senior Interchange Officer/ Senior Interchange Assistant/ Interchange Officer/ Interchange Assistant/ Senior Interchange Supervisor/ Interchange Supervisor/ Interchange Manager/ Senior Depot Officer/ Senior Depot Assistant/ Depot Officer/ Depot Assistant/ Senior Depot Supervisor/ Depot Supervisor/ Depot Operations Manager/ Depot Manager
Chief Bus Controller/ Bus Operations Control Centre Controller/ Deputy Bus Operations Control Centre Manager/ Bus Operations Control Centre Manager
Technician/ Senior Technician
Technical Specialist/ Senior Technical Specialist
LogisticsHigh Impact
Brokerage/Freight Supervisor
Depot/Traffic/Supervisor/Hub Operations Supervisor
Import Export Administrative/Shipping Assistant
MHE/Forklift Operator / Warehouse/Inventory Assistant
Order Fulfilment/Sales Operations/ Customer Service Assistant
Order Fulfilment/Sales Operations/ Customer Service Coordinator
Order Management/Quote Desk Executive / Order Fulfilment/Inside Sales Officer
Permit/Shipping/Custom Clearance Coordinator
Traffic/Dispatch Coordinator
Warehouse Storekeeper / Inventory/Logistics Coordinator
Warehouse/Inventory Control/Quality Control Supervisor

Moderate Impact
Business Process Excellence Engineer / Operations Specialist / Industrial Operations Engineer
Customer Service Officer / Service Quality Analyst 
Dispatch/Transport Operator / Last Mile Delivery Driver / Container Driver
Field Sales/Key Account Executive / Sales Operations Management Specialist
Freight Officer
Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator 
Incoming Quality Coordinator / Tally Assistant 
Lifting Supervisor
Logistics Contracts Analyst / Logistics Operations Analyst
Logistics Contracts/Logistics Operations Executive/ Logistics Operations Specialist
Logistics Data Management Coordinator / Logistics Data Entry Coordinator 
Logistics Data Specialist / Master Data Analyst / Master Data Executive 
Logistics Solutions Analyst 
Rigger / Signalman
Senior Customer Service Officer / Customer Service Specialist
Traffic Controller / Transport Officer / Line Haul Operations Officer
Vertical Specialist
Warehouse Officer / Inventory Controller / Quality/Facilities Management Officer 
Warehouse Operations/Inventory Management/Warehouse Assistant Manager
RetailHigh Impact
Merchandising Executive
Merchandising Manager
Sales Associate
Sales Supervisor

Moderate Impact
Brand Manager
E-commerce Executive
E-commerce Manager
Logistics Operations Analyst
Marketing Executive
Marketing Manager
Retail Operations Director
Store Manager
Visual Merchandiser
Warehouse Operations Manager
Supply Chain ManagementModerate Impact
Customer Service Officer
Demand Planner
Freight Officer
Materials Planner
Merchandising Executive
Order Management Executive
Procurement Specialist
Production Manager
Project Executive (Transportation)
Sourcing Manager
Supply Planner
Warehouse Operations Executive
Wholesale TradeHigh Impact
Business Analyst/ Market Research Analyst/Market Analyst
Commodities Trader
Derivatives Trader
Marketing Assistant/ Marketing Coordinator
Marketing Executive
Operations Assistant/ Operations Coordinator
Procurement Assistant/ Sourcing Assistant/Sourcing Coordinator 
Procurement Executive/ Sourcing Executive
Sales Assistant/ Sales Coordinator
Sales Associate/ Brand Associate
Senior Analyst/ Analyst, Credit Management 
Senior Analyst/ Analyst, Risk
Senior Business Analyst/ Senior Market Research Analyst/Senior Market Analyst

Moderate Impact
Business Development Manager
Business Process Excellence Engineer/ Operations Specialist/ Industrial Operations Engineer
Commodities Trading Manager/ Senior Commodities Trader
Credit Manager
Customer Service Officer/ Service Quality Analyst
Derivatives Trading Manager/ Senior Derivatives Trader
Head of Business Development
Head of Commodities Trading
Head of Credit
Head of Derivatives Trading
Head of Marketing
Head of Operations
Head of Procurement/ Head of Sourcing
Head of Sales
Head of Trade Finance
Head of Treasury
Logistics Data Management Coordinator/ Logistics Data Entry Coordinator
Logistics Solutions Analyst
Marketing Manager 
Operations Executive
Operations Manager
Procurement Manager/ Sourcing Manager
Regulations and Trade Controls Manager
Risk Manager
Sales Executive
Sales Manager
Senior Analyst/ Analyst, Regulations And Trade Controls
Senior Analyst/ Analyst, Trade Finance
Senior Analyst/ Analyst, Treasury
Trade Finance Manager
Treasury Manager

JTMs serve as an early warning system, prompting individuals to proactively seek skill enhancement or consider transitioning to more secure roles. The emphasis on at-risk jobs underlines the importance of being agile in a rapidly evolving job market, encouraging workers to remain competitive by aligning with future industry demands.

Identifying Emerging Job Opportunities

Emerging job opportunities identified by JTMs signal sectors ripe for growth, driven by technological innovation and evolving market demands. These maps spotlight areas such as renewable energy, digital marketing, and cybersecurity, where the advent of new technologies creates a demand for skilled professionals.

What I like about JTMs is that they are not telling us what jobs opportunities are available today. Instead, they are identifying emerging job opportunities that will be coming in 2-5 years. For individuals, this presents an invaluable chance to align their career paths with industries on the rise, ensuring long-term relevance in the job market.

In some of these opportunities, it is also interesting to see that as some of the more traditional sectors innovate, they create job opportunities for jobs that we may perceive as matured in other sectors. For example, the JTM for Wholesale Trade identifies Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialist as an emerging job opportunity while this job already exists today in other sectors. This means that if I am a SEO Specialist today and I find myself placed out of the market by the competition, I could consider and explore switching to a different sector such as Wholesale Trade that is only starting to recognise the need for a SEO Specialist.

SectorEmerging Job Opportunities
Accounting PracticesIT Auditor (Assurance, Risk Advisory and Internal Audit)
Emerging from the digital trends are evolving accounting roles, one of which is the IT Auditor role, which covers assurance, risk advisory, and internal audit. These experts scrutinise, evaluate and fortify an organisation’s IT systems, mitigating cyber security risks and maintaining IT controls.

Ethical Hacker (Financial Forensics)
The escalating threat of cyberattacks has fuelled a surge in demand for ethical hackers. As digital security vanguards, they uncover cyber vulnerabilities, prevent attacks and offer remediation advice, placing them at the forefront of safeguarding businesses’ financial stability and reputation.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Specialist (Financial Accounting and Business Valuation)
As non-financial reporting becomes a top priority for businesses, the demand for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Specialists grows. These experts assess social and environmental trends, develop ESG strategies, and ensure compliance with regulations, playing a vital role in aligning businesses with industry standards.
Built EnvironmentArchitectural Technologist,
Climate-change Response Engineer,
Solar Engineer
Facility Management Data Analyst
Sustainability Facility Manager
Robotic Engineer
Digital Systems Engineer
Computational Designer
Metadata Project Manager
Energy and Sustainability Solutions Architect
Data Scientists/Engineer
Environmental Services Industry – CleaningDisinfection Specialist
The rising demand for disinfection services, driven by the COVID-19 pandemic, will make this role more prevalent in the next 2-5 years. Disinfection services are becoming a fundamental aspect of the cleaning sector.

AI Hygiene Controller
With increased usage of AI machines and robots, proficiency in operating these smart technologies becomes essential. This role increases productivity levels and allows operators to perform their duties without being exposed to unsanitary environments. Potentially, this can solve one of the challenges in the cleaning industry of attracting more locals to pursue jobs as cleaning professionals.

RFID/Sensor Controller
This role involves managing sensor-based technologies. For instance, sensor-based smart washroom systems can alert cleaners when toilet paper or hand wash liquid needs replenishing, freeing them up to focus on other cleaning tasks. This enhances productivity, facilitates effective deployment, and optimises resource utilisation.

Quality Assurance Specialist
As the sector transitions into outcome-based contracting, reinforcing the implementation of quality assurance guidelines becomes crucial. These specialists will assist in developing and implementing quality assurance frameworks for stakeholders within the cleaning sector, ensuring compliance with hygiene, waste management, and other green or sustainability components.

Long-term roles such as Data Analyst, Process Improvement Specialist, and Integrated Environmental Services Facilities Manager
While these roles may not be immediately required, once the transformation efforts have stabilised, they will be in demand. For example, the Integrated Environmental Services Facilities Manager will need comprehensive knowledge not only in cleaning services but also in Waste Management and Pest Management, enabling them to strategise and plan for the entire location while ensuring compliance with specific environmental regulations.
Environmental Services Industry – Waste ManagementSustainability Specialist
A Sustainability Specialist in the waste management sector is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of sustainability programmes, recommending changes to close strategic gaps, and assisting with the creation and development of an organisation’s short-term and long-term sustainability strategies. This role is becoming increasingly important due to regulations and growing focus on circular economy. The Sustainability Specialist should have a strong understanding of sustainability principles and practices, as well as knowledge of waste management and circular economy concepts. They should be able to analyse data and identify trends and have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to work effectively with stakeholders at all levels of the organisation.

Data Analyst
The role of a Data Analyst in the waste management sector is to collect and analyse data on waste generation, collection, and disposal, and identify patterns and trends that can help waste management companies optimise their operations. By using statistical analysis and data visualisation, data analysts can help waste management companies reduce waste generation, optimise waste collection routes, and improve recycling rates, translating data into actionable insights for stakeholders. 

Technology Controller
The role of a Technology Controller in the waste management sector is to handle routine tasks through the use of technology, such as operating and maintaining waste collection vehicles, sorting equipment, and recycling machinery. They are also responsible for performing basic troubleshooting of the equipment and working closely with other members of the waste management team to ensure that operations are running smoothly.
Finance and Accounting FunctionsExperts dealing with data management and analysis:
Finance Data Steward
Citizen Data Scientist

Specialisation in policies, controls and governance procedures:
Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Lead
Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Lead
Regional Controller

Transformation roles who require project management and collaboration skills:
Finance Transformation Lead
Finance Automation Lead
Vendor Relationship Manager
Financial ServicesAgile IT Programme Manager
Agile IT Programme Managers are on the rise as financial institutions seek to leverage technology to create more agile and responsive systems.

Cloud and Embedded Security Specialist
Cloud and Embedded Security Specialists are also in demand as institutions seek to ensure the security of their data and systems in an increasingly digital landscape.

Robotics Process Designer
Robotics Process Designers are becoming increasingly important, with many financial institutions in Singapore and worldwide seeking to automate their operations and improve efficiency.
Food ManufacturingHead of Regulatory Affairs
Process Engineer
Food Biotechnologist
Data Analyst
Novel Foods Technical Services Manager
Sustainability Manager
Bioprocess Engineer
Automation Engineer
Hotel IndustryBusiness Intelligence Analyst
This role focuses on managing and analysing data using business intelligence tools to derive performance insights on various hotel metrics, such as market share, pricing effectiveness, credit control, and market trends. Being data-driven and possessing a comprehensive understanding of business intelligence functions are key to this role, as they will support analysis to identify factors impacting hotel performance and collaborate with management teams to devise solutions.
Community Partnerships Manager
This role leads in building strategic relationships with ecosystem players within and beyond the hospitality sector. This includes engaging with local enterprises, communities, and creatives and finding new avenues for value and revenue creation that align with the hotel’s growth ambitions. Knowledge of the local heritage, culture, and arts scene is essential, and strong communication skills will prove pivotal in fostering deep partnerships.
Sustainability Specialist
As sustainability becomes a key pillar in the hotel industry, this role focuses on evaluating sustainability standards and charting a sustainability roadmap for the hotel. The specialist will drive long-term sustainability goals and improve ESG performance. Familiarity with market trends, sustainable practices, sustainability indicators, and carbon reporting protocol is crucial, and the ability to translate sustainability efforts into increased business value and guest satisfaction will be paramount.
Place Maker
The Place Maker curates unique destination-inspired journeys that bridge connections between the hotel and its surrounding communities. By utilising storytelling techniques centred around local history, culture, and heritage, they deepen the guests’ immersion into the locale. Critical skills required include cultural sensitivity for design, consumer intelligence analysis, and empathetic design, paired with core competencies like customer orientation and building inclusivity.
Wellness Concierge
The Wellness Concierge champions sustainable tourism by crafting wellness and wellbeing activities tailored to guests’ dietary preferences, fitness aspirations, and interests. Keeping in step with the latest wellness trends, they integrate novel ideas into the hotel’s service offerings, ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of guests from pre-trip consultations to their stay’s culmination. Essential to this role is a blend of technical skills such as customer behaviour analysis, service innovation, adaptability, communication, and a global perspective.
Technology and Innovation Strategist
This strategist pioneers technology initiatives, collaborating with functional heads and vendors to ideate, co-develop, and scale novel technological solutions. Making compelling business cases for the assimilation of new technologies, they engage key stakeholders, ensuring alignment with the hotel’s long-term vision. This role requires competencies such as an understanding of emerging technology, technology road mapping, and technology strategy formulation, adaptability, creative thinking, and sense-making.
Human ResourcesHR Data Analyst
These professionals are responsible for collecting, analysing, and interpreting data related to employees. They use data to inform HR strategy and decision-making.

Learning Designer
Learning designers are responsible for designing and developing training programmes for employees and need to understand adult learning theory and have experience in creating e-learning content. 

Employee Onboarding Specialist
These individuals will be responsible for designing learning journeys and enhancing the overall employee experience, creating personalised employee experiences and promoting continuous upskilling.

People Strategist
As cross-functional roles emerge within the HR function to enhance employee experience and deliver integrated and holistic solutions, the People Strategist becomes crucial. They will partner with people managers to ensure that all processes across the talent lifecycle are in alignment with the organisation culture. Furthermore, by leveraging talent metrics, the People Strategist will address and solve talent issues, thereby driving effective business outcomes.
Information and CommunicationsBusiness Analysts
Business Analysts are professionals who help organisations to identify business needs and find solutions to problems. With the increasing adoption of new technologies in the I&C sector, there is a growing demand for Business Analysts who can help businesses to leverage emerging technologies to improve their operations.

Automation and Orchestration Engineers
Automation and Orchestration Engineers are professionals who help organisations to automate and streamline their business processes. With the growing adoption of RPA tools and other automation technologies, there is a need for professionals who can design and implement automation solutions.

Incident Investigators
Incident Investigators are professionals who help establishments to investigate and respond to security incidents. With the growing threat of cyber attacks, there is an increasing demand for Incident Investigators who can help businesses to detect and respond to security breaches.
Land TransportData analysts who can effectively utilise data-driven systems and sensor technology.
EV technicians and AV onboard safety operators.
LogisticsData Scientist
Data scientists are responsible for analysing and interpreting data related to logistics processes. They use data to identify trends and patterns and make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Machine Learning Engineer
Machine learning engineers are responsible for developing and implementing machine learning algorithms and models to optimise supply chain operations. They need to have knowledge of machine learning techniques and tools, as well as programming skills.

Solution/Application Architect
Solution/application architects are responsible for designing and developing software applications to support logistics operations. They need to have knowledge of software development methodologies and technologies, as well as business requirements and constraints.
RetailSustainability Specialists
Product Innovators
Customer Experience Managers
Omni-channel Managers
Digital Marketers
Digital Transformation Managers
UI/UX Designers
Customer Intelligence Analysts
Full Stack Developers
Supply Chain ManagementCustomer Insight Analyst
A Customer Insight Analyst (CIA) in the supply chain management is a critical role that blends business acumen with robust analytical skills to deliver creative, value-based solutions. They are responsible for understanding customer feedback, developing strategic proposals, driving programmes, and conducting deep-dives into data for impactful insights. A CIA must be adept at data analytics, visualisation, programming and data mining. 

Transformation Lead (TL)
A Transformation Lead (TL) in the supply chain management spearheads and ensures seamless execution of transformation initiatives. Responsibilities include developing an integrated stakeholder transformation plan, aligning expectations, managing resources, and identifying and managing risks for seamless programme delivery. They should have a firm understanding of Lean principles, Industry 4.0 technologies and design thinking. 

Integrated Business Planner
The Integrated Business Planning Planner is responsible for orchestrating plan alignment across various functions to meet organisational commitments. Key tasks involve developing comprehensive plans to optimise production and minimise cost, aligning operating plans, mentoring stakeholders towards a unified direction, and planning for risks and opportunities. The role demands data analytics skills, familiarity with planning software, and a broad understanding of operational, supply-chain, financial, and marketplace concepts.
Wholesale TradeSustainability Manager
Supply Chain Performance Manager
Inventory & Capacity Specialist
Marketing Analytics Manager
Supply Chain Performance Manager
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialists

JTMs also provide a Skills Framework (SFw) for acquiring the skills and qualifications necessary to thrive in these growing fields. They highlight the importance of digital literacy, analytical skills, and adaptability, urging professionals to embrace continuous learning. Educational institutions and training programs often tailor their curriculum based on JTMs, offering targeted courses to meet the future needs of the workforce. This alignment between skill development and market demand is crucial for professionals looking to transition into high-growth areas.

Pro Tip #1: Stack the Skills Framework with your SkillsFuture Credit to identify skills and courses that you could learn at a fraction of the cost to stay relevant in the job market.

Moreover, the emphasis on emerging job opportunities encourages a forward-looking approach to career planning. Professionals are motivated to stay abreast of industry trends and invest in upskilling or reskilling initiatives. By leveraging JTMs, individuals can make informed decisions about their career trajectories, focusing on sectors that promise growth, innovation, and stability. This proactive stance not only enhances employability but also contributes to a more dynamic and resilient economy.

Leveraging JTMs for Career Planning

Leveraging JTMs for career planning empowers individuals to navigate their career paths strategically. By analyzing the future landscape of work, professionals can identify opportunities for growth and areas requiring upskilling. JTMs act as a guide, enabling individuals to tailor their learning and development efforts towards in-demand skills and sectors, ensuring their future employability. This proactive approach not only enhances personal career prospects but also contributes to the overall resilience of the workforce in facing technological and economic shifts.

After understanding how JTMs allows us to learn what jobs are needed in each sector, the next step is to understand the sectoral trends that the sectors that we are interested in will be undergoing in the near future. A great resource that we can leverage on is the Industry Transformation Map (ITMs) from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. ITMs are frameworks designed by the Future Economy Council (FEC) to encourage collaboration among stakeholders from different industries and to enable companies to understand the developing business environment. The FEC takes overall responsibility for the implementation of the ITMs.

Pro Tip #2: Combine what you have learnt from JTMs with ITMs to identify the challenges that the sector is facing and align them with the skills you need to learn to prioritise and strategies your career development plan for the next 2 years.


As employees, our biggest risk is the fact that we are never truly in control of our employment. We could be told that our services are no longer needed and be kicked out of our jobs at a minute’s notice. The only thing we can do, is to ensure that we have the skills and knowledge to stay relevant in the job market, at least for the next 5 years.

The implications and insights provided by Jobs Transformation Maps (JTMs) clearly demonstrates that adaptability and lifelong learning are not just advantageous but essential for navigating the future job market. JTMs offer a roadmap, a direction of sorts that we can take into consideration when navigating both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the job market. Embracing this tool for career planning empowers individuals to align their skillsets with the evolving demands of the workforce, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive.

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