Expense Report: January 2017

I’m starting afresh to diligently report my expenses after taking a break for a year. I wish I have the perseverance of Mr 15HWW to keep doing this year on year but I’m going to try my best!

Transportation: $145

Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) went much higher this year due to the Chinese New Year as we took cab rides when visiting our relatives.

Food: $378.70

Food expenses wasn’t as high as I thought considering the number of public holidays this month. I’m still not bringing lunches to work as my current workplace has affordable eating places within walking distance.

Groceries: $0

No work lunches means no groceries from my end. Household grocery shopping is taken care by my mum and is supported through monthly household allowances.

Shopping: $293.80

Apart from buying some Chinese New Year clothes, I took the opportunity to send my bicycle for a full servicing after 2 years of cycling so some money was also spent on replacing mechanical parts due to wear and tear.

Entertainment: $383

I attended my last ICT in January and because it was a low key, we had a few nights off where the gang went out to celebrate our last reservist training together. Most of the entertainment expenses were made then.

Personal Care: $10

Nothing but a simple haircut to report here.

Miscellaneous: $500

During Chinese New Year, I usually give my mum a small red packet ever since I started working. This tradition continues this year.

Total expenses for this month: $2,668.45 (including fixed expenses of $957.95

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