Fixed Expenditure Update: 2017

Here’s an update to my fixed expenditure for 2017 with some changes to my expenses liabilities.

Mortgage: $828 $879 (CPF)

As I move to the 3rd year of my bank loan for my HDB flat, the monthly mortgage repayment amount has increased from $828 to $879. Still within my monthly CPF contribution with some surplus so I’m comfortable with that.

Parent Allowance: $600

My mother retired many years ago after her leg started giving her problems. On top of the monthly payouts from her CPF account, I have been giving her some allowance each month. $500 $600 isn’t very much but that said, she isn’t spending much as well. I try my best to manage most of the household expenses so that she doesn’t have to pay for any of them.

Insurance: $156.93 $154.48 (excluding Medisave premiums)

I did an evaluation of my personal insurance portfolio recently and surrendered my investment-linked policies, switching to several term insurance policies for a much more well-rounded insurance coverage.

Death/Total Permanent Disability

  • SAF Group Term insurance for $300,000 sum assured – $38.40 per month
  • NTUC Income i-Term insurance for $200,000 sum assured – $24.70 per month

Accidental Death

  • SAF Group Term Personal Accident insurance for $300,000 sum assured – $13.38 per month

Integrated Shield Plan

  • PRUshield extra A Plus – $273 per year (though paid once a year, let’s take it as $22.75 per month)

Critical Illnesses (CI)

  • SAF Group Term Living Care insurance for $300,000 sum assured – $30 per month

Early Stage of CI

  • SAF Group Term Living Care Plus insurance for $100,000 sum assured – $10 per month

Mortgage Insurance

  • Aviva Mortgage Insurance (came as a package with my bank loan) – $17.70 $15.25


Taxes: $123.36

Income: $116.96

Property: $6.40

Utilities: $77.66

On top of my usual mobile and Internet subscription, I also have a premium Spotify account (cheaper when contracted on SingTel Music) for music on the go. I’m grouping everything under utilities because I deem them as essential services. Some may argue that I can easily reduced my utilities through piracy but I believe paying for premium contents (just not as much as the crazy prices our cable subscription cartel is charging).

SingTel Fibre 100mbps Internet, SingTel Mobile and Spotify bundle: $76.66

Total: $957.95 $888.83 (Cash) and $879 (CPF)

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ying han says August 15, 2017

I share spotify premium with a friend and share the cost. so far the only conflict is when both of us uses it together but wasn’t a problem as one of us will go offline and continue listening to the music.

    Mickey J says August 30, 2017

    That’s cool! I’ll write a separate post on this, but I’m using shared accounts for other subscriptions (except Spotify) for a really cheap price through a Carousell seller. Here’s the link!

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