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Explain the power of compounding to your kid using magic

Explaining personal finance to kids can be very challenging, especially when it comes to the logic around compounding.

Here’s a simple way to explain the power of compounding with your kids. Here’s how the conversation would be like between me and my imaginary son, Tom.

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Would you retire in Cambodia?

In my last post, I wrote about how my first property investment has finally completed and with that, my 3 years of scrimping and saving to pay for the purchase has also ended. Hooray!

Recently, I saw a photo of the actual building in a property investment website so I thought I share it with you. I find that it looks quite similar to the artist’s impression in the brochure. What do you think?

I’ve signed the lease agreement with Oxley to allow them to manage and rent the property on my behalf since I’m not retiring that soon. It does feel surreal that this could be a potential home base when I retire.

Reading from blogs written by expats and retirees based in Cambodia, it certainly looks like there have been some significant changes since my last visit. All of them positive, coming from the increase in foreign direct investment flowing into the country.

I’m planning a short trip to Phnom Penh this year to see how the country has grown in the past few years and assess how viable is Cambodia as a retirement destination.

More to be shared after the trip. Ciao!

Simple steps to start managing your salary better

I started my journey 2 years ago with a simple goal of improving my financial lifestyle and the aim of retiring by the age of 50. I can’t say the journey was easy as I had to make many lifestyle changes and be wiser about how I spend my money.

In some cases, it can be as simple as choosing to leave home 15 minutes earlier to take the train instead of hopping on a taxi in a mad rush to work. Others, it’s a matter of convincing my friends to have dinner in a food court before a movie instead of a fancy restaurant.

Fast forward to 2017, I’m proud to share that I managed to turn a negative net worth of -$109,258.09 in 2014 to a positive net worth of $12,681.38 in 2016. Woohoo!


To be honest, it doesn’t take rocket science to reach where I am today. What it does require, is hard work, patience and faith that the future you will thank you for what you are doing today.

manage-your-salary-better-checklist-coverIf you are interested to start your retirement planning journey today, I’ve created a simple 3-step checklist that you can use to change the way you are managing your money today.

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