Expense Report: April 2017



Shopping has somewhat tappered down in April with getting a Fitbit Alta HR to monitor my heart rate after a cycling event where I found that my heart rate was higher than usual. I also refreshed my wardrobe with new clothes and shoes from Uniqlo and Crocs since they were having promotions on items that I wanted.

Food expenses also went up significantly with more restaurant meals with friends this month. Something that I’ll take note of.

Total expenses for April: $2,271.22 (including fixed expenses of $957.95


Food: $546.47

Groceries: $38.10

Transportation: $57.25

Shopping: $578.11

Entertainment: $93.34

Personal Care: $0

Travel: $0

Expense Report: March 2017



I’ve changed the format of my expense report to keep updates short and sweet. I’d love to hear what you think.

This month, the bulk of my expenses this month came from a business trip to Netherlands where I extended my stay for a couple of days to experience the country.

On top of that, I also bought a new 32GB Apple iPad that was launched this month that had a lower retail price and renewed my Safra membership for another 10 years.

Total expenses for March: $4,025.13 (including fixed expenses of $957.95


Food: $297.58

Groceries: $3.90

Transportation: $37

Shopping: $623.62

Entertainment: $20.50

Subscription: $270

Personal Care: $20

Travel: $1,794.58

Expense Report: February 2017

Into the second month of the year and I’m still trying to get back into the habit of recording my finances in my blog. I’m sure I can do it!

Transportation: $63.29

Commuting charges on the B.M.W (bus, MRT, walk) is back down to the norm and I’m not taking as many taxis as compared to last month.

Food: $251.37

Food expenses are down this month as I managed to reduced some spendings on eating out in restaurants.

Groceries: $0

No grocery shopping this month.

Shopping: $496.85

Bought a few new shirts and and decided to purchase Microsoft Office 365 licence for the family. Previously I was using a really old version of Microsoft Office and they are starting to load really slow these days. Microsoft Office 365 is worth the investment with the massive 1TB cloud storage on OneDrive.

Entertainment: $98

Went for a massage this month to loosen up some tensed muscles. So worth it!

Personal Care: $10

Nothing but a simple haircut to report here.

Travel: $1,090.84

I went on a trip with my friends to Thailand. We booked the tickets last year and I almost forgot about it! The trip was long awaited as we haven’t travelled together for quite some time.

Total expenses for February: $2,968.30 (including fixed expenses of $957.95